24.10.2020 Pro Choice Rally Against Abortion Ban in Poland!

DEMO 24.10.2020 | 15.00 | Burgstrasse, Berlin About 1000 people gathered in front of the Polish Institute in Berlin, to express their solidarity with women* in Poland and their anger at the lastest events that took place in Poland – almost total ban of abortion. Nein für ein Abtreibungsverbot!Solidarität mit Frauen* in Polen! In Polen […]

28.9.2020 | VOICES | Botschaft der Polinnen* | Performance

VOICES 28.9.2020 | Performance | Brandenburger Tor  Botschaft der Polinnen* provides its mobile artistic space for the performance of Dziewuchy Berlin entitled “VOICES”. Movement, space, music and narration make up a story about the fate of women wronged by the patriarchal system and Polish traditions. They often struggle with their fate alone, left to themselves. […]

Safe Abortion Day | Berlin | Report and Photos

28.9.2020 | #SafeAbortionDay | 19.00 Brandenburger Tor Facebook Event >>>More about the demo >>>  Abortion – legal, safe, free and, above all, actually available whenever it is needed, regardless of the reason that accompanies a person deciding not to continue pregnancy. No shame and no fear! We organised a solidarity action with people in Poland, where the […]

8.3.2020 |”Mein Schrei” Rede von Grażyna Kania | Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung | Frauenkampftag

Grażyna Kania Mein Schrei In nur wenigen Minuten ist es 16.00 Uhr. In wenigen Augenblicken vereinen wir uns auf der ganzen Welt durch die Kraft eines globalen Aufschreis. Unabhängig von Hautfarbe, Nationalität, Staatsangehörigkeit, Religion, Geschlecht, unabhängig von ideologischen Unterschieden: lasst uns durch eine Minute des globalen Aufschreis unsere Solidarität mit den Frauen zeigen, die ihre […]

8.3.2020 | #GlobalScream

#GlobalScream 8.3.2020 | 4 PM Es every year, on the International Women’s Day (8.3.2020) there will be thousands of people on the streets worldwide, all protesting for the same, against the same, regardless of nationalities, location, gender, and ideological differences. Womxn of the World will fight for their rights. To symbolically connect us all, on […]