It has been a long year, we took part in many events, exhibitions and discussions, organized many demos and actions. Of course we wish we did not have to do that at all. It was a difficult year, as it began with the biggest shock and trauma – some ex-members of our collective stole our accounts on TT and Instagram, deleted all our herstory and wrote extremely hateful lies about us. Luckily we managed to get the names of our accounts back, and we started building our herstory from the beginning. We also got the “taken” money back, but not our banners. But we do not give up! Our group also grew – we have new members!

We were also involved in founding the International Council of Polish Women+ which was established on March 8th – we have members from 13 countries.

One of the highlights of the 2021 was the Clara-Zetkin Prize which we received for political activism.

We are also happy, that our protests in front of the Residence of Ms Przyłębska, the president of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, made a change. The Polish Ambassador and his wife will leave Berlin in January! (Check the newest List of the 100 most Embarrassing Berliners in Tip Berlin magazine)

We have already plans for the next year, stay tuned!

If you want to know what we did last… year:

28.1.2021 Bloody Week | 2021 edition | Demo: in Solidarity with Polish Women

Schande, kein Urteil! Hańba, nie wyrok! Disgrace, not sentence!
The Constitutional Tribunal published on Wednesday (27.1.2021) the written justification of its verdict of October 22, 2020, in which it ruled unconstitutional the provision allowing abortion in the case of a high probability of severe and irreversible fetal disability. The sentence was published immediately, it came into force today, making abortion ban official. Abortion is officially banned in Poland. Black on white. Blood on white.



30.1.2021 “Empört Euch!” / Oburzajcie się! / Time for Outrage! / Indignez-vous!

Briefe an Julia / Listy do Julii / Letters to Julia

Campaign of writing letters to Julia Przyłębska, current President of the Constitutional Tribunal in Poland, privately the wife of the Polish Ambassador in Berlin.



31.1.2021 DEMO: Hańba! Schande! Disgrace! Soli demo with Polish women

We organized a demo to tell Berlin what we think about Julia P.
Bad bad Julia, you should not play with other people’s bodies! Our bodies are not your toys! Away with you, Julia! How could you? Blood on your hands!



13.1.2021 – Statement regarding the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Dziewuchy Berlin

The ones we trusted, ex-members of our collective, chose a disgraceful method of leaving our group (and founding a new initiative) – first by creating artificial conflicts, blackmail, accusations – in order to build something new on someone else’s achievements. Namely: we lost access to our group feeds on Instagram and Twitter. After extremely rude and obnoxious blackmail, these people stated that they were leaving the group and taking these 2 social media channels with them, because they were entitled to it (!). Passwords, emails and phone numbers were changed. All graphics and photos from the past few years that we had inserted or other members were on were removed. Of course, our channels gained a huge amount of followers after “Bloody Weeks” and became a “tasty morsel”. After changing the passwords, throwing our group Dziewuchy achievements in the trash, it was time to rename these accounts. That is, the achievements of Dziewuchy Berlin were erased from the Instagram and Twitter space.

We managed to get our names back, here are our new old accounts: Ig: dziewuchy_berlin TT: dziewuchyBLN

If you tagged us in 2020, your tags are connected to Constellation of Liberation = the collective that stole our identity. Tag and follow us again!




13.2.2021: Campaign: We are Relevant!

It is not only during COVID-19 that a part of society feels and is invisible, uncomfortable, discriminated against, overlooked. Women*, make up a larger part of society and do lower-paid or even unpaid work. Whether it’s people who look after children and the home, people who do homeschooling, or people who do care work, or activists who do free work for society, work that is paid for in agencies or parties, or artists whose work enables us to survive loneliness in isolation during Covid-19 – the examples are many.

But we are relevant!



Texts (in German):

Tanja Dückers https://www.dziewuchyberlin.org/2021/03/05/wir-sind-relevant-tanja-duckers/

Anna Krenz https://www.dziewuchyberlin.org/2021/04/26/wir-sind-relevant-wir-kunstlerinnen-wir-mutter-wir-migrantinnen/

17.2.2021: DEMO: Freedom of speech! Freedom of Art! Freedom of the Media! Freedom of Women! Freedom of expression!

We meet on February 17, 2021, to express our solidarity with repressed women activists as on that day in Plock there is trial of Elżbieta, Anna and Joanna, who were charged with “offence of religious feelings” when they hung posters with Mother of God in a rainbow halo.


Raised fist vector icon art hand protest graffiti strike fight

4.3.2021: Action by the Coalition for Sexual Self-Determination, supported by Dziewuchy Berlin i  OMAS gegen RECHTS Berlin.

On Thursday, 04.03.2021, at the request of the Party die Linke, a debate on reproductive justice was held in the Bundestag. One of the demands of the proposal submitted by the Party die Linke is the deletion of sections 218 and 219 from the Penal Code. Overall, this is a good proposal with important demands that we support (including reproductive rights for queer people and people with disabilities).

The proposal: http://dip21.bundestag.de/dip21/btd/19/269/1926980.pdf

We took the debate in the Bundestag as an opportunity to support the campaign “150 years of opposition to § 218″ and take part in the action in front of the Bundestag. It concerns us!


6.3.2021 Speech at the demo

At Friedensstatue Bremer/Birkenstraße. Demo organized by Frauenverband Courage and AG “Trostfrauen “im Korea-Verband. We held a speech on behalf of Polish women (speech).


8.3.2021 Campaign: What would you change about your current work life if you had the power to?
We, women* from the former Eastern Bloc, Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe, working in Germany, are often treated differently at work than Germans. We often have hard, low-paid, psychologically and physically burdening, invisible, and underestimated jobs. Sometimes we take such jobs because with our foreign-sounding surnames, Eastern accents, or poor German, we cannot get a better job. Our employers take advantage of the fact that we are migrants, offering us worse conditions, lower wages, worse benefits, and worse treatment than employees “from here”. They take advantage of the fact that we often either do not know about our employee rights, or we cannot exercise them because we work illegally, or we do not decide to fight for them because we cannot risk losing our job.

Campaign with: FemBunt (BG), Dziewuchy Berlin i Inicjatywa Opiekunek i Opiekunów / Initiative der Betreuer:innen (PL) i Freie Ungarische Botschaft (HUN)

Online Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/events/769580027286549



8.3.2021 Demo: Wir kriegen die Krise!

We held a speech at the demo organized by Frauen*Streik at Invalidenpark https://www.facebook.com/events/773880300203393/

8.3.2021 Demo: Our life our resistance, Break the silence Break the system

We held a speech at the Alliance of internationalist feminists – berlin demo at Unter den Linden 78, 10117 Berlin

8.3.2021 | DEMO: Wir sind Widerstand! Solidarity with Polish Women*

Widerstandsplatz: Together, beyond borders, beyond generations, we stood with OMAS GEGEN RECHTS.Berlin to talk about women’s rights, Polish women’s rights, we reminded of Irena Bobowska, young antifascist poet, read her poem, we also presented our postulated and 8M Manifesto #Wirsindrelevant Photos: Gabriella Falana, drawings/screenplay: Anna Krenz. Orga: Omas gegen Rechts, Dziewuchy Berlin und Bündnis fur sexuelle Selbstbestimmung.

8.3.2021 | DEMO: Wir sind Widerstand! Solidarity with Polish Women

8.3.2021 | online discussion “150 Jahre Widerstand gegen 218”

We were invited to the discussion about abortion in Germany with: Cornelia Möhring (DIE LINKE / Bundestag), Ulle Schauws (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Elisa Gutsche  (Perspektive Hoch Drei e.V., Editor of FES-Studie “Triumph der Frauen: The Female Face of the Far and Populist Right in Europe”), Urszula Bertin (Dziewuchy Berlin), Sibylle Schreiber (Pro Familia). Moderation: Esther Lehnert and Vanessa Höse, Institut Solidarische Moderne


9-12.3.2021 The “March 8th Beyond Borders” conference

We were actively involved in creation of the International Council of Polish Women+, which was founded on March 8th, 2021 with a series of panel discussions. Members of Dziewuchy Berlin and Łódź are also founding members of the Coucil. Dziewuchy Berlin are a supporting orgnanisation, among others. www.polonijnaradakobiet.org

The “March 8th Beyond Borders” conference initiates the foundation of a feminist platform, the International Council of Polish Women. This organization unites Polish women and people in the Polish cultural circle who live in emigration and are engaged in the promotion of women’s rights, feminist culture and activism. Four panels will each cover one of our topics; abortion rights, the feminist Polish diaspora and its allies, herstory of the Women’s Day celebrations and counteracting violence against women. We will offer reflexion on strengthening the feminist sensitivity as well as showing a new perspective on the analysis of the history of women; their current societal and political challenges. How have other countries managed to expand and reinforce women’s reproductive rights? How can we create global methods for fighting gender-based oppression? How can we deepen our knowledge of women’s past and herstory? How can we develop feminism within the Polish diaspora? The International Council of Polish Women wants not only to spread our feminist attitudes and activism but also cultivate the joy of women’s collectivism, community and sisterhood. Together we are building towards a world friendly to all women, without exclusion.



25.3.2021 BUNDjugend Berlin: Action-Talk des A-Teams mit uA Dziewuchy Berlin

On Thursday evening the Action Talks of the A-Team of BUNDjugend Berlin starts: “On the first evening we will deal with the history and development of the women’s movement(s) and take a look at the different feminist currents. In addition, we will have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the Polish women’s movement through a guest (from Dziewuchy Berlin!)! There will also be enough time for questions.

25.3.2021 BUNDjugend Berlin: Action-Talk des A-Teams mit uA Dziewuchy Berlin

31.3.2021 Demo: In Solidarity with Women in Turkey and in Poland.

How can we have Istanbul Convention without Istanbul? We co-organized a demo regarding Istanbul Convention. TURKEY LEAVES ISTANBUL CONVENTION – Poland can follow! On March 30, 2021, the reading of the citizens’ project “No to Gender, Yes to Family” will take place in the Polish Parliament. We strongly condemn this decision and stand in solidarity with the women* from Turkey and Poland! Event by OMAS GEGEN RECHTS.Berlin, Dziewuchy Berlin and Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung.


1.4.2021 Discussion at opening of the exhibition „Perspektiven auf den Paragraph 218“

“150 years ago, the so-called “abortion paragraph” was introduced in Germany. Since then, abortion has been regulated by law in §218 of the German Penal Code (StGB) and in some cases made a punishable offense. And resistance and protest against this paragraph have been rising for just as long. The Münzenberg Forum Berlin is dedicated to the chronicle of this paragraph and the left-wing and feminist movements closely connected to it in its new exhibition “Maria and the Paragraph”.

We were invited to the digital exhibition opening “Perspectives on Paragraph 218” with short contributions by: Anke Domscheit-Berg (politician), Valentina Chiofalo (Humanist Association Berlin-Brandenburg), Stephanie Schlitt (Pro Familia), Gabrielle Bischoff (We Women), Urszula Bertin & Anna Krennz (Dziewuchy Berlin) and a representative of Medical Students for Choice Berlin.

1.4.2021 Ausstellungseröffnung und Panel „Perspektiven auf den Paragraph 218“

12.4.2021 Open letter: Eastern European women* are also part of the German economic miracle!

Together with FemBunt, Initiative der Betreuer:innen and Freie Ungarische Botschaft we wrote an open letter to German political parties concerning the rights of female* workers from Eastern Europe.


Offener Brief: Osteuropäische Frauen* sind auch Teil des deutschen Wirtschaftswunders!

30.4.2021 Online Panel ‘Feminist / Queer Transnational Solidarity’ | Turkey and Poland

Online panel “Feminist / Queer Transnational Solidarity,” organised by: PUDUHEPA e.v (https://puduhepa.org/) and Dziewuchy Berlin (www.dziewuchyberlin.org), that will be attended by feminists & LGBTI+ activists from Turkey and Poland.

Hayriye Kaya |Kaos-GL, Turkey
Sehnaz Kiymaz |Kadının İnsan Hakları -Yeni Çözümler Derneği, Turkey
Monika Pacyfka Tichy | Lambda Szczecin, Poland
Aleksandra Magryta | Federacja na rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny, Poland

30.4.2021 Online Panel ‘Feminist / Queer Transnational Solidarity’ | Turkey and Poland

8.5.2021 Nie wieder Krieg! Nie wieder Faschismus! Nigdy więcej wojny! Nigdy więcej faszyzmu!

On May 8 at 11:30 a.m. we have honored the Polish demale soldiers at the memorial for the Polish liberators in Berlin Charlottenburg (Ernst-Reuter-Platz). We have read the poem by Irena Bobowska. Event organized by PostKom, Antifa West Berlin and VVN BdA Berlin. 11.11.20 Dziewuchy Berlin have taken the initiative to rename the monument to the Polish soldier and German anti-fascist in Volkspark Friedrichshain as a monument to people who fight for our and your freedom.


13.5.2021 PANEL: Abortion Rights Beyond Borders – Prawa Aborcyjne Ponad Granicami | France and Germany

FB: https://www.facebook.com/polonijnaradakobiet

International Council of Polish Women+ presents: For the second time this year, the International Council of Polish Women is inviting you to meet activists who will tell us stories how they fighted for abortion rights in their countries. The right to abortion is a determinant of the status of women’s+ rights and their position in the modern world. In Poland, we have a women’s+ uprising, but how have other countries “done” this? This meeting takes place just before the 150th anniversary of section 218 of the German criminal code, which regulates access to legal abortion. Is abortion legal in Germany?
What are the recipes for an effective political fight for the right to abortion of female activists from France and Germany? What can we learn from them?

FRANCE: Violaine Lucas – Choisir la cause des femmes  www.choisirlacausedesfemmes.org, Clotilde Normand – Choisir la cause des femmes
GERMANY: Aleksandra Ratajczak – law student, Monachium; Alina & Lena – Gynformation gynformation.de. Chaired by: Ines Roy-Lewanowicz & Anna Krenz

The first panel took place on March 10th 2021 in the framework of the March 8th Beyond Borders Conference. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33P8_gnMuKk&t=103s


18.5.2021 Soli photo action: We do not agree to violence against women!

Photo session @FEMEN with Gabriella Falana – Turkey denounced the Istanbul Convention. Without prior notice, in the middle of the night. There are also such plans in Poland and Hungary. We cannot let that happen! Germany has not reacted to this fact. The European Union is also quiet. Even after the incident, how Erdoğan treated Ursula von der Leyen. We do not agree to violence against women! Fotos: Gabriella Falana / @gabriella_falana


29.5.2021 Dziewuchy @ Aktionstag gegen Feminizide

Day of Action against Feminicide

Every last Saturday of the month the Netzwerk gegen Feminizide organizes a day of action against violence against women, femicide and patriarchy under the slogan “We want us alive”. The actions – lectures, workshops, music – take place at Nettelbeckplatz, a square that the initiative has unofficially renamed Resistance Square (Widestandsplatz).

On Saturday, Dziewuchy Berlin held a workshop on the feminist struggles of Polish women, presenting a 5-meter timeline comparing abortion laws in Germany and Poland, talking about the situation of Polish women and encouraging people to paint solidarity posters with the symbols of red lightning (the symbol of the women’s strike) and a black umbrella.

29.5.2021 Dziewuchy @ Aktionstag gegen Feminizide

29.5.2021 Clara Zetkin Preis for Dziewuchy Berlin

It has been a great distinction for us! We have received the Clara Zetkin Preis from Die Linke party for our work. Thank you very much for this award! We are happy that in Germany our work for the rights of women and the LGBT community has been recognized. Polish-German feminist friendship and sisterhood across borders!



Fotos: die LINKE

8.6.2021 Dziewuchy Berlin invited to a disussion at Campus-Forum: the legacy of Solidarność and the struggle for democracy in Poland.

“Since the constitutional crisis and judicial reform in 2015, the ruling PiS party has been influencing Polish society in its own way. The culture of memory and the writing of history are to be directed and individual liberties curtailed. Some of those who were once committed to the change from communism to democracy now decide in favor of an authoritarian state. A strong civil society is forming among Poles at home and abroad, which is openly protesting the government. Berlin in particular is becoming a stage for solidarity.” Moderation: Joanna Maria Stolarek (Chairwoman of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Warsaw) speaking with witnesses of the time Wolfgang Templin and Piotr Niemczyk, Basil Kerski from Solidarność-Centre in Gdańsk and also activist and artist Anna Krenz (Dziewuchy Berlin) about the legacy of Solidarność and the struggle for democracy in Poland. Fotos: BStU/Stange



We took part in the discussion about Istanbul Convention in Turkey and Poland. “Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, which Erdogan decided overnight by presidential decree, has had far-reaching effects on the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in other countries. Shortly thereafter, conservative to ultra-nationalist forces in Poland and Hungary also forced discussions about a possible withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.”


  • Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit, HDP-Abgeordnete von Muş
    • Britta Schlichting, Zentrale Informationsstelle autonomer Frauenhäuser
    • Anna Krenz, Dziewuchy Berlin

Organisation: Kurdisches Frauenbüro für Frieden CENÎ e.V.  http://ceni-kurdistan.com/


26.6.2021 Polski Blok LGBTQAI | Stern Demo Berlin

We joined STERN demo to support Polish LGBT+ community. LGBT+ is people, not ideology! We took a solidarity photo together and sent it as a sign of support to our friends in Poland. We also used the opportunity to raise attention in Germany about the problem of homophobia in our homeland.


We remind about the herstory of one of our performative actions, Global Scream as Polish media did not know the context of it. https://www.dziewuchyberlin.org/2021/06/19/herstoria-wspolczesna-o-global-scream/

2.7.2021 DEMO: Deine Stimme für LGBTQIA+

On 26.06.21 brave LGBTQIA+ people wanted to demonstrate in Istanbul despite a ban on demonstrations. Unfortunately, there was violence, tear gas and arrests. We joined the demo to express our solidarity in front of the Embassy of Turkey where we held a speech.

2.7.2021 DEMO: Deine Stimme für LGBTQIA+

24.7.2021 Polish Block on CSD | in solidarity!

In solidarity with LGBT+ in Poland we join the CSD march in Berlin. Come with us, enjoy and celebrate the rainbow and queer feminism beyond borders. Polish LGBT+ community suffers under the conservative government ruled by right-wing party PiS, under the church and nationalist organisations.

#LGBT #DziewuchyBerlin #BerlinInSolidarity #QueerBerlin #Poland


1.08.2021 We join Queers take over Mariannenplatz

We took part in the queer-feminist rally for keeping Køpi Wagenplatz on Mariannenplatz. There was music, shows, speeches and info stands. Køpi stays!

FB event https://www.facebook.com/events/167669992017735/ 

5.8.2021 Beziehungsweise Männlichkeit #5 – Wer entscheidet über meinen Körper? – Zur Lage der feministischen Protestbewegung Polens mit Dziewuchy Berlin

Urszula Bertin (Dziewuchy Berlin) spoke about the situation of the feminist protest movement of Poland. The feminist movement has existed in Poland since the beginning of the 19th century. Historically, its history differs significantly from American and Western European feminism, mainly due to the isolation of the Polish People’s Republic from the global feminist movement. In our talk, however, we will focus on the most recent history. What has been going on in Poland since 2016? Why did women take to the streets and what did the achieve. We are looking forward to meeting you.


15.8.2021  DEMO: Wolne Media to Wolna Polska.

A free media means a free Poland. Berlin stands in solidarity with freedom of expression. Let’s show our support for our compatriots in Poland. The Polish community also has a right to reliable information and independent media! We have had enough of being ashamed of the irrational ideas of the PiS party and explaining them away! We have been doing this since the beginning of this government, it’s madness!
On Sunday 15.08 we organize a solidarity event, take your banners and come! 6 pm in the park near the Polish Institute.

Event by RÓWNiE and Dziewuchy Berlin

5.9.2021 – Wir fahren nach Słubice | PRIDE!

Together with LSVD we went to Słubice to join the 2. Słubice-Frankfurt-PRIDE.

10.9.2021 – German-Polish art / activist workshop at Begine

One of our members, Anna Krenz, took part in the week-long workshop together with artists and activists from Berlin and Poland. Workshop was organised by: Fundacja Kobieca eFKa and Begine Kultur.  10.9.2021 – Final evening of the Erasmus project: Art Education with Woman Artists. Together against Discrimination
Women artists, art educators and creative activists from Poland & Germany shared their experiences in the field of inclusive education through art and developed their own projects targeting women with multiple exclusion. Today they present the result.
The event offers an opportunity to learn about the situation of women, especially non-heteronormative women, in art as well as in society in Germany and Poland.



18.9.2021 – DEMO: Precz z § 218 Kodeksu Karnego! – 150 lat wystarczy! Weg mit § 218 StGB – 150 Jahre sind genug / Away with paragraph 218! 150 years is enough!

Like every year, we took part in the march on September 18th, as a counter demo to the mArsch des Lebens (march for life), for a day of action for sexual self-determination to demonstrate against the anti-choice movement. The motto was: Away with § 218 StGB – 150 years are enough. March organized by Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung. We started at the Brandenburg Gate/Pariser Platz and walked towards Kanzleramt, where we held a speech and made a performance.

18.9.2021 – DEMO: Precz z § 218 Kodeksu Karnego! – 150 lat wystarczy! Weg mit § 218 StGB – 150 Jahre sind genug

24.9.2021 DEMO: Nasze granice / Our Borders

We organized a demo as protest to what is happening on Polish-Belarussian borders.

We urge Germany and other EU countries to immediately suspend all Dublin transfers of asylum seekers to Poland, and provide humanitarian assistance to people from Afghanistan and other third countries dying of hunger and cold on the border of Poland with Belarus. Today we stand in solidarity with people stuck between Poland and Belarus with no drinking water, no food, no shelter and no help. We stand in solidarity with the Polish NGO community, human rights activists and journalists who have been forbidden to enter the area near the border with Belarus. We also ask EU countries, including Germany, to put political pressure on Poland to stop pushbacks to Belarus and allow immediate access to humanitarian assistance for people stuck on the EU’s eastern border between Poland and Belarus who are currently at mortal risk.


https://www.openpetition.de/petition/online/immediately-suspend-all-dublin-transfers-of-asylum-seekers-to-poland >>> Fundacja Międzynarodowa Inicjatywa Humanitarna



26.9.2021 Wieczór wyborczy / Wahlabend / Election night

Discussing upcoming elections in Germany as part of our elections campaign.


Interesting and important especially when it comes to reproductive rights in Germany by  www.mehralsdudenkst.org  > https://www.dziewuchyberlin.org/2021/09/13/wir-wahlen-wybieramy-wahl-2021-abtreibung-aborcja/

28.9.2021 DEMO: Safe Abortion Day

By organizing a demo and performance, we expressed our solidarity with people in countries and places, where abortion is illegal, where basic human rights are being broken. We also address the situation in Germany – call for decriminalisation of abortion! 150 years of paragraph 218 is really enough! Abortion should be free! safe! and legal! And accessible! for all those who need it. Photos:  Patrycja Makucewicz

28.9.2021 DEMO: Safe Abortion Day

7.10.2021 | Spotkanie autorskie / Lesung mit Wiola Rebecka: “Rape. A History of Shame”

We organized a meeting with the author of the book “Rape: A History of Shame, diary of the survivors”. by Wiola Rebecka. We will talk with the author about personal motivation and working with people who have experienced rape during conflicts and wars. Rape is still used as part of war aggression (and more) in many parts of the world. Moderation: Dr. Marta Ansilewska-Lehnstaedt, translation: Patrycja Makucewicz.


10.10.2021 Demo: Julia, what have you done?

The Polish Constitutional Court, chaired by Julia P., the wife of the Polish ambassador in Berlin, has ruled that the Polish constitution is more important than EU law. “The institutions of the European Union act outside the limits of the competences conferred by the Republic of Poland in the treaties. Poland cannot function as a sovereign and democratic state,” – stated the President of the Court, Julia Przyłębska. Will this lead to Poland’s exit from the EU? Together with Friends, we met on Sunday at 6pm (Thielallee, Berlin) to tell Julia what we think.


31.10.2021 Demo & Performance “Blood on your hands!”

On Sunday, 31.10.2021 in front of Reichstag, we organised a performance and a demo (in cooperation with RAZEM Berlin). The performance was about the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarussian border. Among speakers were: Maria Książak (International Humanitarian Initiative), Kamila Schoell-Mazurek (Bundeskonferenz Polnischer Migrantenorganisationen), Seebrücke, EKD, Omas gegen Rechts Berlin, RAZEM Berlin, Wir Packen’s An, open mike. We also heard a touching and sad story of a man, who lost his child on the border.

The performance told a story about 2 faces of Europe – one welcoming and one xenophobic. The latter is louder, more violent. The situation on the Eastern European borders is dramatic, people are dying in the forest, have no food, water. Polish activists and NGOs are helping immigrants to survive in the cold weather, however recent laws forbid illegal (irregular) entry to Poland and forbids people to apply for asylum. Pushbacks have been made “legal”, even though it is in contrast to Polish Constitution and Euopean laws. And Europe? The welcoming Europe is silenced, the xenophobic washes blood off from their hands and goes back to business as usual. Performance concept: Dziewuchy Berlin. Photos von Felix Kusser.



4.11.2021 IDEOLOGIX – Berlin Viewing Party
@ MUSCHI OBERMAIER und / oder stream auf Facebook

Together with Orga: PlayMachine we organized viewing of IDEOLOGIX – a queer Polish fantasia from American playwright Eri Nox loosely based on Witkacy’s ONI, centering around Flo and Bambi, a queer couple who have been hosting an underground LGBTQIA2+ party in Kazimierz, Krakow.

“They” are everywhere and everyone, not just the douche-bros who moved in upstairs and want to shut the party down… not just Bozena and Cristina, two somewhat straight Polish women who are experiencing the underground queer scene for the first time. “They” may not be safe… “They” are probably coming for you… “They” might even be you. http://www.playmachine.org/ideologix



6.11.2021 DEMO: Stiller Protest

A year ago the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled that abortion on the grounds of foetal abnormality is incompatible with the Polish Constitution. Together with Friends, we organized a silent protest on Saturday at 5 pm at Thielallee 79 in Berlin. Why there? It is the residence where Julia Przyłębska, the president of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal that passed this shameful law, lives. Privately, she is the wife of the Polish Ambassador to Germany. Due to the request of the family of the deceased, this was a “silent protest” – no speeches nor noise.


12.11.2021 Petitionsübergabe / Przekazanie petycji

Our this year’s very successful nationwide campaign “150 years of resistance against § 218 StGB -are enough!” are slowly coming to an end.

We joined Bundnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung on Friday, on the Platz der Republik in Berlin, for a public and media-effective handover of our civil society demands of the campaign (petitions and call signing organizations) to the party leaders of the democratically constituted parties of the new Bundestag as a campaign conclusion.

https://www.dziewuchyberlin.org/2021/10/26/12-11-2021-petitionsubergabe-przekazanie-petycji/ More info at https://wegmit218.de/

16.11.2021 Panel Discussion Whose fight? Whose memory?

Women of Solidarity, women’s solidarity, protests, art, and memory – these were the issues we discussed last November at the “BERLIN GLOBAL Grenzerfahrungen” (BERLIN GLOBAL Border Experiences ): Whose fight? Whose memory?”

Talk with: Marta Dzido, Anna Krenz, Jennifer Ramme, Moderation: dr Iwona Dadej, Historyczka, in Cooperation with: Dziewuchy Berlin

Debata po polsku:


Deutsch und Deutsche Gebärdensprache:




Mehr: https://www.stadtmuseum.de/veranstaltungen/berlin-global-wessen-kaempfe-wessen-erinnerung

24.11.2021 Film: “Reversing Roe” and discussion about reproductive rights

We were invited by AVA – American Voices Abroad, Humanistische Union and One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival to watch the film “Reversing Roe” and discuss reproductive rights in the US, Germany and Poland.


25.11.2021 Day against violence against Women* and Girls*

We held a speech and made a performance / poetry reading at the demo in front of the Rote Rathaus. We read the poem by Irena Bobowska and screamed for a minute directing our voices towards the Rathaus. #GlobalScream




Foto: Urszula Bertin

28.11.2021 Europas Herzversagen stoppen: Weihnachtssingen / śpiewana demonstracja / Singing demo

We took part and held a speech at the singing demo on Platz der Republik, organized by Chimana, Wir packen’s an, Dziewuchy Berlin


15.12.2021 Podiumsgespräch & Ausstellung: In der Zone der Helfenden / Dyskusja i wystawa: W strefie pomagających / In the zone of helpers

We took part in the event concerning the situation on the Polish-Belarussian border, which took place in Slubfurt.



Support for the border

We collect things needed for refugees in closed refugee centres in Poland. We collect them at the Galiläakirche (Rigaer Str. 9, Berlin).


We also submitted drawings and illustrations for the Families without Borders project to thank all those wonderful activists who help refugees in Poland: https://sercemzaczlowiekiem.pl/


19.12.2021 KOBIETO! #5 | Dziewuchy Berlin in Turin | talk / exhibition

We were invited by Polski Kot to Turin, Italy. We presented the exhibition of Anna Krenz & Karola Szafrański, artistic performance was made by Urszula Bertin.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1769676146551646


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