Fighting for democracy from Berlin – Polish, Hungarian and Romanian experiences – Roundtable discussion, organised by Republikon.

9.12.2019 | 17.30
Louise-Schroeder-Saal, Rote Rathaus 
Rathausstr. 15, 10437 Berlin

Migration inside the European Union is one of the most intriguing phenomena in Europe today. Most of those who decide to start a new life in another country choose not to break away completely from life in their homeland – and for many, that also means remaining interested in the politics of their country of origin.
Still, how can someone actually influence politics at home from Berlin, Paris or Dublin? What are the limits of political activism from abroad? Is Berlin a particularly fruitful terrain for activists from the new member states of the EU, and if so, why? And can Berlin itself profit from the presence of these groups?

Republikon Institute, is hosting a conference in Berlin with participants who have Polish, Hungarian and Romanian roots. The aim is to find out more about the political activists who are having an increasing influence on politics in these countries.


5:30 p.m.: Welcoming speech
Sawsan Chebli, Permanent Secretary for Active Citizenship and International Relations

5:40 p.m.: Roundtable discussion
Alexandra Ioan (Romania): Social scientist, Diaspora Civică Berlin
Anna Krenz (Poland): Artist, architect, activist, Dziewuchy Berlin
Adam Kerpel-Fronius (Hungary): Berlin chapter of the Momentum party
Moderator: Dániel Mikecz, researcher, Republikon Institute, Budapest

6:30 p.m.: Q&A

7:15 p.m.: Reception

Working language: English

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Republikon Institute’s work in 2018-2020 was co-funded by the European Union’s “Europe for Citizens” initiative.

Photos: Momentum



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