Women’s March Berlin
Text: Helena Kargol

Last year we marched. Today we march again. Next year we will march again.
I am so proud to call myself a feminist. I am so proud to be a part of a movement that says: Time’s up. We need a change!

…A change in the social concept that believes that women are inferior to men and sometimes not more than a human incubator. Whenever I say the phrase “men and women are equal” I bite my tongue. Men and women actually never can be equal, because only one gender can give birth to another human being. (And did you know that whenever we will be able to clone humans the existence of sperm will become redundant. So hold you breath whenever you see us marching down the street and screaming: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE!)

So men and women might never actually be equal (because from the biological perspective women are superior) but we all do deserve equal treatment and equal rights. We need to unite and fight for equal rights for every men, women and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation.

I personally know that I am privileged ( I am white, I was born in the first world, my parents both have jobs…), but I do experience sexism on a daily basis. These are all little things like my father telling me that I should move in with a boyfriend and make him take care of me aka pay my rent or my friend getting mad about a boy who didn’t pay for both of them at dinner. I march today so my future daughter won’t ever feel the need that she needs a man in order to live a fulfilling life.

There a so many more things that need to be mentioned (pay gap, black lives matter, importance of voting being only few of them). Maybe someday I’ll write a book about this… but what I have to say: Fuck this shit! We mad, we woke and we won’t stay quiet.

In order to show solidarity with the polish women we painted our slogans on black umbrellas.

Photos: Ela Kargol



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