Taking patriarchy apART | Exhibition

Vernissage: 22.11.2019
Finissage: 6.12.2019

Club der polnischen Versager
Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Ultraconservative political messages have been capturing the public imagination all over the world, while their most vocal proponents have been pushing for ever more misogynistic, racist and classist policies and practices. With anti-abortion and anti-migrant legislations, homophobic violence, and brutal economic explotation, the tightening of patriarchal and nationalistic controls have turned female, queer, racialised and migrant bodies into an ideological battlefield of the far-right. At the same time, wom*n, people of color and migrants have refused to stay silent or accept the role of voiceless victims.

In this context, the exhibition “Taking patriarchy apART” organised by the Bulgarian feminist collective FemBunt and the Polish feminist collective Dziewuchy Berlin, claims space for the ones made invisible, using artwork as a weapon and a platform. It uncovers different dimensions of structural violence, while also exploring diverse forms of resistance and empowerment. What’s more, it aims to challenge dominant narratives and the censorship of non-normative bodies, destabilise stereotypes of what feminism is, and blur the lines between individual and collective struggles and experiences.

The exhibition consists of visual artworks and performances from more than 30 WLTIQ* artists, almost all of whom have first-hand experiences with migration. By experimenting with different media, shapes and techniques, the artists present a multidimensional picture of feminist views on gender, sexuality, body and identity, thus channelling them towards a more comprehensive political critique on systematic forms of oppression.

22.11: Vernissage (details will follow in short)
25.11: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women – after-protest gathering (details will follow in short)
28.11: Feminist film evening (date to be cofirmed)
06.12: Finissage (details will follow in short)

The full list with confirmed artists will be disclosed in short.

The event is part of the BUlgarian Diaspora Network Initiative (BUDNI) and is financially supported by the European Solidarity Corps.

*FREE admission, donations welcome*


Aliks Akantha
Anna Kostadinova
Anna Krenz
Cristina Vives Brozgol
Denise Pereira
Dete Kafka
Elizabeth Thallauer
Gabriele Gervickaite – Gabe
Hannah Jetsch
Imogen Mansfield
Inma Moreno
Iza Moczarna-Pasiek
Joanna Smolonska
Kinga Kawalerowicz
Lena Matrosova
Lilly Urbat
Lucía Sibila Pujadas
Lucina Letki
Malena Catoni
Maria Eleonora Hebisz
Maria Podskarbi-Hebisz
Mariana Rodriguez
Nnenna Onuoha
Olga Schäfer
Özlem Sariyildiz
Pavka Pavel Pavlov
SHUT UP collective
Sia Stoyanova
Simona Mancheva
Cvetelina Valcheva
Women_ Making Art in Public Space
Zara Alexandrova

Foros: reuterphotography.com



Fotos: Alicja Flisak



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