In solidarity with Zentrum für Politische Schönheit

Hands off Zentrum für Politische Schönheit! Freedom for art and artists!

It is the role of (political) art to be the conscience of humanity. As artists, we have a right but also duty to reflect on reality, politics and bigger things to make people think, feel and act.
Political art and actions have to be free! What if not art can set us free? There cannot be place for censorship and/or prosecution and politically engaged art! We cannot allow politicians to prosecute artists! Artists are not terrorists, artists are not criminals! Hands off!

We demand dropping of all charges!
We demand freedom of expression for artists!
We demand transparency, reflection and respect from politicians!

We are shocked such things happen in Germany in the 21st Century. However, we recognise that with the rise of right-wing authoritarian populist parties, Germany (also Europe / World), changes in an un-beautiful way. These changes are backwards, leading to mental indigence. Artists are prosecuted in countries where authoritarian dictators are on the power, we strongly oppose that! This should not take place in Germany, nor anywhere else.
Something really bad is happening with our societies, communities, families – when they become divided due to differences in political opinions. Somethings very bad is happening witt the rise of hate speech and intolerance against people with different opinions and views. This has to stop, before it is too late, before that deep divide will not be able to disappear anymore.

What can we do?
– Express our discontent by writing to German media and politicians
– Take a solidarity picture with dirty face and slogan “hands off ZPS”
– Express it with art!
– Share!

“Im November 2017 hatte das Zentrum für Politische Schönheit (ZPS) eine Nachbildung des Holocaust-Mahnmals in direkter Nachbarschaft zum Anwesen des AfD-Politikers Björn Höcke installiert. In der Folge konnte die Künstlergruppe alle zivilrechtlichen Versuche abwehren, sie gerichtlich für diese Aktion zu belangen. Auch ein Strafverfahren wegen versuchter Nötigung wurde von der Staatsanwaltschaft Mühlhausen im November 2018 eingestellt.
Ermittelt wird gegen das ZPS aber noch immer – und zwar nach Paragraph 129 des Strafgesetzbuches (StGB) wegen des Verdachts auf “Bildung einer kriminellen Vereinigung”.

“In November 2017, the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) installed a replica of the Holocaust Memorial in the immediate vicinity of the AfD politician Björn Höcke’s estate. As a result, the group of artists was able to fend off all attempts by civil law to prosecute them for this action. Criminal proceedings for attempted coercion were also discontinued by the public prosecutor’s office in Mühlhausen in November 2018.
However, the ZPS is still being investigated – in accordance with Section 129 of the Criminal Code (StGB) on suspicion of “the formation of a criminal organisation”.”

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