Berlin, 22.09.2018 | Fotorelacja z marszu Pro-Choice w Berlinie.
Stajemy solidarnie z kobietami* w Niemczech przeciwko paragrafowi 218 i 219a, wbrew pozorom w Niemczech nie jest aż tak różowo jeśli chodzi o decydowanie o własnym ciele.
Paragraf 219a to dopiero początek!
Ochrona życia oznacza legalizację aborcji!

Podczas międzynarodowego bloku przemówień na Bebelplatz odczytałyśmy list Aborcyjny Dream Team on tour po angielsku i z powodów niezaleznych dość szybko i bardzo sprawnie przetłumaczony przez Alicja Flisak na niemiecki.


Wir stehen solidarisch mit Frauen* in Deutschland gegen die Paragraphen 218 und 219a. In Deutschland ist es nicht so rosig, wenn es um die Entscheidung über den eigenen Körper geht.
Paragraph 219a ist nur der Anfang!
Schutz des Lebens bedeutet Legalisierung der Abtreibung!

Während des internationalen Vortragsblocks am Bebelplatz haben wir den Brief Abortion Dream Team on Tour gelesen.

“I came from Poland from a country where Catholic values are very important. I came and I am ashamed for what I see. The religion with which my country is associated speaks of the mercy, of compassion and forgiveness. This religion says about help and about love. It speaks about forgiveness for mistakes, it says that everyone is the architect of his fate and everyone will be responsible for his actions. As in a situation where a person – a woman suffers from unwanted pregnancy, why not react with mercy? Why did it go in the direction of hate speech and stigma? Protesters today use the slogan “For Life” here. I’m asking whose?

A woman should always be in the center. It is her goodness, peace and comfort that is the most important. It is her sense of well-being for us activists, that is the most important. That means pro – choice. It does not matter why she wants to stop the pragnancy. What we need to do is give her as much support as possible at this moment. A woman making a decision to perform an abortion feels the weight of her decision. Especially in Poland, this weight is extremely high.

Stigmatization of people with abortion experience is so big that people do not want to share their stories. This does not only apply to individual stigmatization of persons. The media do not make it easier, duplicating the myths associated with mortality and bleeding during a pharmacological abortion causes women to make desperate moves. Doctors are afraid to inform about the possibility of abortions because of the possibility of criminalization for help in performing an abortion. Is this help, however? Or rather compassion? Do we want to punish us for mercy and compassion? No! That is why, like our organization, we will act, we will be standing hand in hand with women who wants to do abortion to protect her! We will educate and inform! We will fight with intimidation and stigmatization of people with abortion experience!

For life. Always for life.”

Justyna, Aborcyjny Dream Team on Tour

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