Black spot of politics – personal art protest

I painted „Schwarzarbeit” in 2003, on the verge of Poland’s entry to European Union. Many Europeans, mostly Germans, were uncomfortable with the idea of a flood of polish economic immigrants searching for work. However, nothing happened. Polish people were already working in Germany, and those who came, melted quietly into the job market. In 2016, the same painting shows a different situation, a glimpse from the other side. Now the Polish people and the government are afraid of the flood of refugees from war countries.

I chose this particular painting and made a point on it. „A black spot on the painting” is an expression of my protest against current political situation in Poland, against radical actions of the polish government, social divisions and political fanatism, against hate language and limitations of artistic freedom. This blind spot of polish politics has to go! Point! A black spot!

Over 100 years ago, Kazimir Malevich panited his world famous „Black square” – the so-called “zero point of painting”, an abstract representation. The black spot on „Schwarzarbeit“ changes the painting into a zero point of what it was. Now – it is a protest.

Anna Krenz, 2016

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