Online debate hosted by Comparative Research Network, titled “Urgency, Voices, Visions: Impact and Strength of Women in the Face of Climate Crisis.”


About the Event:
Our event aims to highlight on the one hand the peculiar consequences of the climate crisis on women, and on the other hand to give women working in this field the floor to share stories, experiences, and practices.
Join us to hear from inspiring women who are making a difference in the fight against the climate crisis and engage in meaningful discussions with
experts and like-minded individuals.

Event Details:
Date: November 29, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM (Berlin Time)
Location: Online
Language: English

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speakers :

Katharina Dietze – Omas for Future

One of the organizers of “Omas for Future” (Grannies for Future) in
Berlin. As a grandmother of five, she is deeply passionate about the
work towards systematic change to make a better world. She sees it as a
personal responsibility to work for behavioral change and a better
environment for the young generation.

Her wish is for people to realize that it is possible to coexist in
harmony with the nature. Focusing on women being less represented
socially, politically and economically, she helps give a voice to the
women in the field of climate politics.

Ramatoulaye Doucouré – Plateforme des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance

In 1999 she began her involvement in associative movements with women’s
promotion groups. She has held several positions trough the years in
projects, like the CEDPA Senegal sub-project, PEPAM/Tenghory hygiene and
sanitation project and the SCOPE project. Here she has been focusing on
women’s and adolescent health. Today, she is one of the leading women
members of the Plateforme des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance, where
she raises awareness of conflict management, women’s leadership and

Anna Geuchen – Deutscher Naturschutzring

Anna Geuchen is a political scientist based in Berlin. She is an advisor
to the board at the German League for Nature, Animal and Environment
Protection, covering about 100 organizations.

She is focusing on different strategic aspects of the social-ecological
transformation like digitalization, the impact of social movements and
volunteering work and mainly on the role of women. Anna has published
several articles about the impact of the climate crisis on women and
gender justice in environmental organizations.

Magdalena Klarenbach – Open Plan Foundation

Sociologist, ecological NGO worker and activist with 10 years of
experience in education global and climate. Author of various
publications for teachers (methodological guides, lesson scripts,
e-learning courses) and students. In work practice focusing on adults
and youth.

Her research interests are connected with youth movement, climate crisis
and identity. Founder and member of the board of Open Plan Foundation.
Phd candidate at Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Anna Krenz – Dziewuchy Berlin

Anna is an artist, architect, and editor, graduated from the Department
of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology and Energy,
Environment & Sustainable Design Graduate Studies at the Architectural
Association in London. Since 2001, she has worked for Folkecenter for
Renewable Energy, Denmark. She has co-written the book „Wind Power for
the World. The Rise of Modern Wind Energy” and „Wind Power for the
World. International Reviews and Developments”.

Anna Krenz is an activist and founder of Dziewuchy Berlin – Polish
women’s grassroots group, which supports Polish women and actively
fights for women’s (human) rights.

Pegah Moulana – Youth and Environment Europe

Pegah is a 26-year-old British-Iranian, currently working as the
Secretary General of Youth and Environment Europe [YEE]. Pegah is the
current Committee of Ministers Recommendation paper on Climate Crisis
and young people rapporteur at the Youth Department of Council of Europe
and has been the founding portfolio lead on climate crisis and young
people at Council of Europe.

She has been the chairperson of European Youth Foundation from 2019 to
2021, tasked with supporting youth-led organisations across Europe to
receive monetary assistance in running youth led, non-formal
education-centric programmes across Europe.

Dr Magda(lena) Szarota – Lancaster University, Humanity in Action Poland

Dr Magda(lena) Szarota is an academic, policies and human rights
change-maker and NGO executive with 15+ years of experience in civil
society sector in Europe, Asia and the U.S. She is considered one of the
pioneers of the disabled women’s movement in the post-socialist Poland.
She has also been involved in effective interventions in the European
Union and the United Nations.

Since the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine (2022) she has been
engaged in organizing evacuations of Ukrainians with disabilities to
safety and she co-initiated and co-led the Ukraine Emergency
Humanitarian Fund run by the Humanity in Action Poland.

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